It has always been the mission of those who helped to develop Homes for Hope, Inc. to establish an organization that was fueled by passion and the love of helping others. After many attempts this was accomplished with sheer will and determination. Our first goal was to develop a program that first ended the acceptance of homelessness and steered the individual towards the goals of self reliance, self sufficiency and productivity. This would entail the institution of a multi- dimensional program of supportive services and three tier housing development...


The Plan


would need creative resources for funding and negotiating services that would minimally affect the clients and promote company growth and perpetuation. With this idea as a back drop, it became increasingly clear that the mission of this organization would start with housing.


• The HFH program is based on a four step principle to successfully re-acclimate clients into society:

• Clients are identified who have been chronically homeless and have completed a detoxification program

• Clients then transition to a twenty-four month program that is an extension of 90-180 day de-tox program

• The educational program has a heavy emphasis on stressing life skills and job preparation as well as ongoing primary health care.

• There, in SRO, supportive services are initiated for continued self growth and continued sobriety.

Homes for Hope has an Electronic Medical Record Case Management System with accompanying services such as recovering substance abuse support groups and counseling are available. During each day, clients will follow the intensive supportive individualized program developed as a part of the rehabilitative assessment done on program entry. Life skills building will be a part of the daily program for all clients. Clients will be fed two meals a day with accessibility to nutritional snacks and water throughout the day. Meals will be in common areas and generally as a group The HFH program is based on a three step principle to successfully re-acclimate clients into society:


• Permanent Scattered Housing


• Transitional Housing


• Linkages and Referrals


• Support Groups


• Family Atmosphere








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